iHeartMedia’s Savannah radio stations specialize in effective advertising campaigns. Here’s what businesses say about working with iHeartMedia.

Hospice Care of the Lowcountry

This is our fifth year working with iHeart Media Savannah for our event advertising. It has not only been a pleasure working with the rep there, it has produced measurable results! Our rep understands our market and has helped to develop an advertising campaign and timeline that has increased ticket sales and attendance to all of our fundraising events.

– Darlene Schuetz, Director of Community Relations

One Price Cleaners

After just one week on air on Love 101.1 we have already had over 10 people come in and say they heard the ad on the radio…and all of them have already become repeat customers!

– Michelle, Owner

YMCA of Coastal Georgia

After many successful iHeart Media Savannah radio campaigns, it was easy for me to try their digital campaign services. In addition to strong results that reached our potential clients…the ability for me to track the campaign progress via dashboard was what really added value. Instead of waiting for the campaign to end to see what people were responding to, I had access to the detailed dashboard throughout the campaign. This type of data is essential for me as a Marketer. Within a five mile radius of our location, we were able to connect and engage with potential members we may have lost. Additionally, we saw well over average performance of digital metrics which was a strong indicator that this was the right audience for our message. Based on the success and scope of our first campaign, plus the added value of real-time tracking, it was an easy choice to continue with this digital strategy to build our membership with the help of iHeart Media Savannah.

– Hillary Bradbury, Marketing and Communications Director

Firearms Training and Repair

I’ve been a radio client of iHeart Media for 10 years and have experienced consistent year-over-year growth in my business. The News Talk station with iHeart Media Savannah has been an invaluable component of my marketing success and I’m fully convinced that radio advertising, specifically with iHeart Media Savannah, is the most effective form of advertising I’ve ever experienced in all my years of owning a business.

– D.B., Owner

The Gold Box

There is no better way to stimulate your tax-time, Back-to-School, and Christmas-time business than heavy frequency radio advertising around those crucial sales windows through iHeart Media Savannah.

– Khemraj, Owner

Duck Donuts

After less than a month on-air with iHeart Radio Savannah we have seen multiple new customers who said they heard our commercial on the radio.  Not long after airing our after the December campaign we received many large orders from new businesses that we would not have otherwise attained had we not run a campaign with iHeart Media Savannah.

– Stephanie, Manager

Savannah Square Pops

After running an on-air and digital campaign with iHeart Media Savannah attached to the station’s ‘Office of the Week’ campaign, Savannah Square Pops had a 215 local offices and local business enter the Office of the Week promotion to be selected for an Ice Pop Party!  This number of new business relationships far exceeded our expectations and we owe it all to the collaborative effort from iHeart media Savannah. As a bonus, our staff reported new customers related to the Office of the Week campaign coming to the shop to try new flavors after their office won the contest.

– Owner


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